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Every couple goes through rough patches at times. Sometimes it's more serious than just a rough patch. Here are four relationship signs you shouldn't ignore.
It's time for you to stop beating up on yourself. You are worth more than that.
Make sense of the senseless and order of chaos during family and global tragedies. Learn reasons why bad things happen to good people. Because pain is inevitable, but misery is optional, find ways to feel and share peace with your family.
We love our sweet daughters, but sometimes forget to express it. Here is collection of messages and teachings for my only daughter.
Rather than always praying for problems to go away, maybe we should pray for strength to endure them with grace and learn from them.
Sometimes God allows us to be chastened and sometimes he gives us trials we need to see for ourselves how strong and faithful we really are.
Create a lasting and fulfilling marriage by adopting these 10 guiding principles.
Help your husband feel great. His confidence will skyrocket and your relationship will improve as you practice good communication.
Pull out one of these 10 compliments and make your husband's day.
Fighting with your spouse is hard, but some things should never be said, no matter how angry you are.
Lifting another's spirits with a genuine compliment makes you feel pretty great, too. You never know how your kind words will affect those around you.
Intimate connection with another person is about both giving and receiving. True love is not magic.
Easter is a time of excitement and celebrating life. Here is a list of four fun activities your whole family will enjoy.
One day I woke up and realized I didn't love my husband. That simple realization forever changed the way I viewed marriage.
Before you pelt an insensitive comment at a mom with several children, consider if you'd like to be on the receiving end.
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