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Your son or daughter has tons of friends. You know this because they're out all the time or the kids come home to crash for the night. Some of them are a bit...annoying. Read on to discover how to deal with your teenager's friends.
Finding an activity, any activity other than sleeping, eating, sleeping, texting, hanging-out, sleeping and texting in which a teenager wants to participate is something that has plagued parents for years.
Remember your first major crush or love affair back in high school? Maybe it was even middle school. In any case, love is a tricky topic to talk about with teenagers. Many are too attached or too distant, so here are ways you can listen and love.
When teenagers first enter the dating scene, they don't know what to expect or what to do. You can help them out by sharing your experiences from your own dating years on how to go on smart, fun dates.
Tired of battling over your teen's messy room? Want to help your son or daughter become more organized? These four tips will help your teen organize her life and her space.
When your teen changes her clothes 50 times only to announce she has nothing to wear, she is actually working on something very important.
Today, one could talk to 100 parents about things to talk to teens about and probably receive 100 topics, all well-meaning and appropriate. Can we really reduce these topics down to just five?
Teens need social interaction, but should you let them to go to parties where there will be drinking? Here are five ways to handle the tough question.
Teens may lack adult judgment, but they are certainly not lacking in the capacity to learn and understand how money works. If you take this opportunity to help your teens learn how to manage money, they’ll be more successful adults.
Bad things happen to good teens. This article shares ideas for preventing dating abuse and violence. Over 60 percent of teens report dating abuse. Share this article with your teen and start the conversation.
You want to connect with your teens but modern life is not making it easy. Try these 3 family fun options and make unplugging your teens as pain free as possible.
In their search for independence, teenagers may seem like they want nothing to do with you. However, they really want and need a listening ear. Here are some ideas that help you become a good listener.
It's a daunting task learning how to teach your teenagers financial responsibility. But it's better to bite the bullet than try to avoid it. Here are some tips on how to do it.
Teens can be moody, but how do you know if it's moved beyond moodiness into something you need to worry about.
Start talking to your teens about sex before they become teens. Keep talking to them throughout their teen and young adult years. Once the peer pressure begins, they will be more resistant to it if they have the essential knowledge they need.
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