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After years of waiting, frustration, and tears, you finally got that positive pregnancy test. Congratulations! You’re probably feeling more excited, overwhelmed, and nervous than you ever imagined possible.
Most expectant mothers have heard time and again they should exercise. Between morning sickness in the first trimester and increasing fatigue and awkwardness in the last part of pregnancy, exercising's not easy.
Bringing a life into this world is a big responsibility, and should never be taken lightly.
Some like to go all out, others prefer a low-key approach. Whatever your style, here are some great ideas for you.
Pregnancy is a miraculous and joyous journey! Here are 12 beautiful things about being pregnant.
Pregnancy is a beautiful and very stressful life experience emotionally and physically. The creation of life takes a toll on the body that manifests itself in unusual and sometimes unexpected ways.
Pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation and wonder. It’s also a time of physical and emotional discomfort and turmoil.
You’ve heard of stretch marks, swollen ankles, and morning sickness. You’ve certainly seen the burgeoning bellies of pregnant ladies, but those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pregnancy side effects.
Cures for morning sickness in pregnancy
Sleep is very important to a pregnant woman, but can be hard to get. It's important to know the symptoms, causes and treatments for common sleep disorders in pregnancy.
A healthy pregnancy is the goal of every expectant mother. Here are 8 straightforward steps to maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a stressful time of life, but you can help reduce the stress by taking care of yourself, reaching out to others, praying, prioritizing, taking some time for yourself, and being optimistic.
You’re having a baby! What’s happening to your body is a miracle, even if it’s not always comfortable. Be grateful you have this chance and be grateful it will be over soon.
Pregnancy can cause physical and emotional fatigue and stress for expectant mothers. This article offers 10 relaxation tips during pregnancy.
When one mom found out her daughter was pregnant, her reaction was priceless. Here are some of the best pregnancy announcement ideas from across the Web to help make your own announcement a special one.
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