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Some profound and some silly thoughts on parenting
By looking at someone's car, front closet, refrigerator, and by using this simple algorithm, you can determine the number of children in any household.
What to do when your child suddenly announces they have denounced the evils of meat and embraced the lifestyle of a vegan.
Try to imagine a world without child-like imagination.
My friend's joyfully relentless journey through breast cancer showed me how to find joy in the moment.
We all make mistakes. Some of us make whoppers. We will be so much better off if we learn to laugh at ourselves and not take things so critically.
I am acquainted with a number of prisoners. Not in the sense that they are serving time in an actual correctional facility.
Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday which celebrates beliefs held dear by the African-American community.
There is an art, recently given an actual name, explained to me by one of my daughters, and universally practiced by siblings throughout history. It is the art of "dry snitching." This is the ability to tattle without actually tattling.
All I ever wanted to be was a mother. I spent many hours of my youth deciding exactly how I was going to raise all those children I would someday have.
Here is an idea to make your reunion memorable for everyone!
Have you ever wondered how to respond to a question that is so ridiculous it should never have been asked? Here is a list of the top 10 silly questions and how you can respond if asked.
Using this unique method, your kids will look forward to jumping into their honey-do lists!
An array of ideas to help organize your home — a place for everything and everything in its place.
Bedtime: a time that strikes fear in the hearts of parents and children, pushing them to the very limits of their patience. I used to begin to dread bedtime hours before it actually happened.
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