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Make your marriage awesome by trying these seven delightful goals.
Do you have goals for your marriage? Does your spouse share those same goals?
I believe in good marriages. If you have what is fundamentally a good marriage, don’t give up on it until you’ve tried everything, and I mean everything, to enhance what’s best about it and minimize the flaws.
Is your happy, low-conflict marriage heading for divorce?
It’s remarkable what can start feeling “normal” if it goes on long enough.
Are some marriages doomed before they even begin? If these two dangerous marriage expectations are present, they could be.
Who knew this could make such difference in how you think about your own relationship?
Shockingly low divorce rates amongst arranged marriages reveals the key to a happy marriage with the person of your choice.
Marriages succeed and collapse due to reasons that are sometimes unseen until the vows are taken and the only way to see things through is to move forward with your eyes wide open.
Can we trust the marriages we see on television shows as being an example for our own? What are the truths and lies we learn about marriage and how can we make ours better?
According to recent studies, those who believe in God and attend their chosen church regularly have a significantly lower divorce rate than the national average. Here are the reasons why I think that believers make better marriages.
It really is a miracle when two people come together in covenant, embark on their joint venture and learn to work together. Developing a few good practical habits early on will help your marriage remain strong and happy.
Despite popular belief, many celebrity marriages are lasting, and here’s proof. Learn what makes their marriages work.
These two popular but misleading statistics are doing awful damage to families.
Here is how I responded to my husband's $1,300 parking mistake.
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