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Although it may be difficult, teaching your child the facts about drug addiction is something you shouldn't avoid.
Keep those germs where they belong — in tissues and off your kids!
The average age for children to participate in sexual activity is 12. Parents, it's time to step up. Here are seven reasons you need to begin teaching your kids about healthy sexuality.
Got a sick kid at home? Help prevent germ-ridden pandemonium by following a few healthy tips.
If not treated, diabetes is deadly. Know the signs for your children.
How your kids eat when they’re young decides how they’ll eat for the rest of their lives.
Having a tough time getting your little ones to give up refined sugar? Here's the solution.
What if there was an easier way to get your children to eat their vegetables?
Brace yourselves. Summer is coming, and with it extreme temperatures. Here's how to keep your kid safe.
Ideas for family celebrations and outside traditions that will bring your family together year after year.
Parents want to give their kids the best start possible for the new school year. These five healthy back to school tips make the grade.
If you are about to take a flight with children, here are a few tips gleaned from the experience of a perfect mom and my own nightmare flight to help you avoid your own airplane nightmare.
Be smart about health screenings. Start your children at an early age and be an example to them when you are older. They can be the difference between life or death.
Everyone worries from time to time, including our children. Some kids are natural-born worriers, and the smallest disruptions in their routines can throw them off. Here are some tips to help your worrywart cope.
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