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Is Pinterest setting unrealistic expectations of what your life should look like?
If you're looking for new traditions to help your family celebrate Easter, look no further. From egg hunts to resurrection rolls, this article has Easter covered.
One thing that has left more than one ambitious soul stranded on a yoga mat wondering what went wrong is the ability to lose those last 5 pounds.
There are many ways to use today’s technology in preserving family events. Also, there is much fun to be had in experimenting a little with visual effects in family photos. These ideas may be helpful in getting you started.
Do you often find yourselves irritated and feeling frustrated to the point that you honestly do not LIKE your children right now? Here are a couple of ways to tap in to unconditional love.
"Mary, Did You Know?" is one of many Christmas songs that help us focus on Christ. And Pentatonix's version is so good!
In a scene straight from an after-school television special, a family seeped in sports tradition welcomes a son with a growth hormone deficiency.
You have every reason not to go, but here are the reasons why you should follow that childlike urge to forge your own path towards adventure.
I have read through many of the more popular parent advice books on the shelf. From personal and professional experience comes my list of recommended books for parents of all families.
What does your family do for fun? Here are some fun homemade ideas you can do in your own back yard!
If you have kids, chances are you've tried about everything to encourage them to help out around the house. This article offers some ideas on how to encourage kids to learn responsibility and how to work by doing chores.
Some of us chose gluten-free living and some of us have no choice. Whatever the reason, Shannon and Erin describe finding joy in living gluten free.
School is out. Now what? You’ll have a house full of kids who are looking for something fun to do. Not to worry. There are plenty of fun activities to keep everyone happy and busy without breaking the bank.
Winter may be here, but husbands can say things to melt their wife's heart even in the deepest throes of winter. Here are just seven phrases that will help husbands make their wife's heart melt.
If you have high school students, especially juniors or seniors, then you know how busy the next few months are going to be to get them ready for college. Here are a few tips to make college a reality without breaking the bank.
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