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In the busy daily routine of being a parent, we can become overburdened by the planning and worry that comes along with our job. Practicing mindfulness is a wonderful way to learn to stay in the moment, and make the most of our time with our kids.
As you and your children age, you role as a parent changes. Here are some tips and tricks on continuing to parent your grown children.
Terrible things can and do happen — even to good people. The key is not to be victimized twice, but to first mourn the loss, and then move on.
Feeling weighed down by your past mistakes? Learn to forgive yourself and put down the burden of shame and blame. Forgive yourself and create space in your life for joy.
Building self-esteem is important for everyone. However, in children with ADHD, their level of self-esteem will have a strong impact on their ability to achieve goals, foster relationships and enjoy success throughout their lives.
Parents often dread summer vacation and the sound of their children chanting, "I'm bored!"
Setting, sharing, and achieving goals as a couple will bring you closer together in your marriage. This article shares the importance of sharing goals with your spouse.
The Bible is considered the ultimate reference manual for life. This covers every aspect of our lives, including our relationship with our spouse. Through the examples the Lord has given, we can improve our marriages and strengthen our relationships.
There are many resources available to help you live a full life despite having a disability. For me, it was easy to adapt because I was born with my disability. But the difficulty is learning to adapt.
How do I love my neighbor? Let me count the ways. When your neighbors' dog barks all night long and when their pink lawn flamingo is lost in their uncut grass and has started to mold, how do we love them?
Here is an idea to make your reunion memorable for everyone!
Finding a spouse can be a daunting experience. Use this guide to help you find someone who can help make your marriage one that will last.
The Good Samaritan teaches us how to serve in a Christ-like manner. Teaching our family the lessons of this parable will help them become a true disciple of Christ.
Goals are an important part of any marriage, but sometimes one spouse is hard at work while the other must play a supporting role. This article offers help for supportive spouses when their sweetheart's goals threaten to overwhelm the one they love.
Life is too short to hold your happiness hostage. Learn how to stop waiting for life to happen and start living for what you already have.
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