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Flint, Michigan, is under a lot of strife with its contaminated water. But religious groups, celebrities and even rappers are looking to help.
Coming up with activities for large groups of people can be difficult — especially when it comes to your family.
Extremist groups and the media paint a picture of Islam many Muslims feel doesn't accurately represent who they are.
Being a single mom is tough. Here are 5 groups of people to recruit and how they can help.
You know that whole "Be Like Bill" meme that's running around the Internet? Religious groups have started making their own for the Savior.
As a grandparent, chances are real good that you've been a parent and know about the generalities of different age groups and these can help you in your focus when spending time with the grandchildren.
For the first time in history, the average child has a cell phone and for the first time groups of kids can bully your child while they are home safe in bed. Ding, ding, hate text, FB hate message. Learn about cyber bullying and how to prevent it.
Have you ever thought about how to teach your children to show respect and appreciation for someone whose skin may be a different color or who might think and do things a little differently?
Four ideas to consider when talking to your children about race and ethnicity, as well as cultures and traditions of different people.
Sometimes life is chaotic and a moment of peace seems impossible. To keep calm and carry on, consider making these five areas of your life more peaceful.
How do you help your child pursue their dream? — even if it's not quite the dream you were hoping for.
A group of scientist set out to see what happens when we feel like our partners ignore us. This is what they figured out.
Welcome to FamilyShare.com! As a sister site to Time Out For Women, we are excited to welcome you and hope your experience at TOFW has inspired, strengthened and helped YOU discover new ways to take your family HIGHER! FamilyShare.
Pizza is music to everyone's ears. And these pizza memes are perfect.
It can be difficult for family members to accept having a member of the family with a disability no matter whether the disability occurs at birth or later in life. How the parents adjust to a member of the family with a disability affects everyone.
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