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Kevin Payne isn’t happy with the TSA for how they treated his daughter. Or, really just because the TSA followed protocol.
The actor died in a car crash in November of 2013, but he left examples to be followed and a great heritage of love and caring for people in need.
Three principles to teach your family to see beyond the body to the beauty within. Anderson Cooper's video shares an experiment on weight bias, followed by what the author learned during her own journey from thin to heavy, and back again.
My friend's joyfully relentless journey through breast cancer showed me how to find joy in the moment.
For its 15th birthday, Wikipedia released a list of its most-edited pages, which includes two pages about faith.
His net worth is $400 million, but he knows the one thing that’s most important in life.
Have you forgotten what it's like to not feel tired? You might need more sleep.
Just because someone else does not value you, doesn't mean that you aren't valuable.
Growing up, we had one morning ritual we never started our day without. Here's how it shaped us.
Have you been too busy to formally learn CPR? Well, it looks like you're out of excuses now. CPR is so easy, a baby could do it. Literally.
After a grueling battle with leukemia, this dad was determined to be there for his daughter.
Tummy growling at work? Follow these easy tips to increase your energy and productivity during your workday.
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