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Though the answers may not come as soon as we want or in the way we expect, God will always answer our prayers.
We all have a still, small voice inside us. How do we tap into this spirit and receive answers to our personal prayers?
Are you a genius? Share if you got the answers right.
With all the self-help books available to us today, are we ignoring the wisdom of the ancients found in the Bible? What kinds of answers to life's problems are found within its pages?
How fast does your brain work? Challenge your kids with these (not-so-simple) brain teasers.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death between the ages of 10 and 24. Do you know the warning signs and how to help?
Did you solve these correctly? Check out the answers to see!
Check out the answers to this brain teaser then share if you got them right!
Who can solve it faster? You or your kids? Once you know the answer, solve and share.
Did you solve it faster than most 5th graders? Share with your friends if you got the answer correct!
Do you have what it takes to compete? Share the puzzle if you got the answer correct.
A new Web series shows children answering questions about dating. Their advice gets a little interesting.
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