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Behaviors equal unmet needs, and addictions are at the top of the list of cries for help. Understanding the need not only helps soothe the person suffering, it also digs up the root in order to be replanted in healthier soil.
Addictions can bring bondage to us, and our families. How to avoid the trap of addiction.
The reasoning behind many addictions may not be what you think.
We all engage in pursuits that we know aren't the best use of time. But how can we tell when it's an addiction, and how does God feel about such behaviors?
Sexual addiction is a nasty thing. But misconceptions about addiction and the addict themselves act to suppress addiction recovery and healing.
With so much research in recent years, what are the new criteria used for assessing addiction?
Anyone who has struggled with their weight can tell you that the fight is not fair. Unlike other addictions , you can’t go cold turkey with food. One must learn to do the seemingly impossible which is, learning to eat in moderation.
Pornography addiction is a very real problem facing millions world-wide. Like any addiction, it can destroy lives. Thankfully, like any addiction, it can also be overcome. Here are six steps to help you or a loved one defeat pornography addiction.
Learning what you can and can't control is the first step in making your own recovery from your husband's pornography addiction.
Pornography addiction changes the brain's response to sexual experiences and impairs the body's ability to engage in normal sexual behavior.
Addicts and spouses both have to deal with the lies told by a pornography addiction.
Addiction is a chemical disorder in the brain, requiring the person to work harder (increase amounts and frequency of use) to get the same effect. Here are 5 tips for beating addiction.
Addiction may show its ugly face in your marriage. But, no matter how bad things may seem, there is always hope.
Do you crave a sweet treat several times a day? Do you find yourself eating a whole bag of candy or carton of ice cream? Is your soda consumption out-pacing your water drinking? If so, you may have a sugar addiction.
All addictions, whether alcohol, drugs, gambling, food or pornography, start when the drug of choice is used as a crutch to combat feelings of anxiety, low self- esteem, boredom, loneliness and/or anger.
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