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For many people, voting is not a priority. They don’t care to register because they know they won’t take the time to vote. Here are three reasons why you should take the time to register and vote.
Lunchtime is a bright spot in the school day. A registered dietitian and caterer collaborate on tips for sending children back to school with tasty and healthy lunches that feed their brains and won't weigh them down.
Chances of surviving the robber's bullet speeding toward his brain seemed slim. Then God showed this man the power of marriage.
Two cases from Ohio and Texas prove that hackers can get inside your home through your camera baby monitor.
Welcome to FamilyShare.com! As a sister site to Time Out For Women, we are excited to welcome you and hope your experience at TOFW has inspired, strengthened and helped YOU discover new ways to take your family HIGHER! FamilyShare.
Congratulations, you're going to have a baby! This is an incredibly happy time for you, so why doesn't your partner seem as excited? It may be that he is excited, but also nervous and overwhelmed.
Returning to college as an adult requires a major transition. These 10 tips will help facilitate this transition as you or your spouse returns to school for career advancement or a new career.
Tis the season to serve. Take advantage of these fun, simple ideas to give back this holiday season.
Retailers hire savvy companies that help them design stores and sales to get consumers to spend more money. Stores think strategically and so should we.
You want to do more and give more to a charity, but finding one you can believe in and trust should be a challenge. Here are five tips to help you find your cause.
Teens may lack adult judgment, but they are certainly not lacking in the capacity to learn and understand how money works. If you take this opportunity to help your teens learn how to manage money, they’ll be more successful adults.
Are you counting calories or looking for easy ways to burn a few more each day? Keep reading!
Great activities everyone can enjoy that will add variety to your routine and keep your kids occupied and engaged.
Whether you mean to or not, wives let these 10 common lies slip out.
The digital world we live in makes “do-overs" difficult. Snapchat's a tool that can be used for fun, instant connections with loved ones. Used inappropriately it can have dire consequences. Here are 10 things you should know before installing it.
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