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Identity theft is a growing problem, but learning valuable tips to keep you and your family safe is key to ensuring it never happens to you.
A concussion for a young athlete can have life-long consequences. What can we do as parents to help avoid them and what should we do if they occur.
Here are eight tips on how to make your marriage - or future marriage - flourish.
“You can do it Jelean." I did what my dad had asked me to do. I climbed back on his hands slowly. I stood straight up, then I jumped. I didn‘t fall. I gained back my confidence. I had trusted my dad. And I had learned to get up each time I fell.
We live in a rewards-based world. We like to be rewarded and recognized for our hard work and achievements. Our children are the same. Here are some suggestions for using rewards effectively.
It's not easy to remember that life's trials are good for you when you are in the midst of them. However, faith, hope and a sense of humor can help you cope during difficult times.
Before you attempt a mid-flight leap out the plane emergency exit door, take a deep breath and realize you’re not alone. Parents across the globe have been in your economy seat holding screaming children.
Your child doesn't have to be the next Einstein, Van Gogh, or Michael Jordan to be talented. Helping our children discover their talents is a great way to boost their self-esteem and develop their confidence.
We all want our children to succeed, and sometimes that desire gets in the way of their learning. Here are some suggestions on how parents can take a step back and allow their children to learn things for themselves.
In today's modern world, many teens have been given so much it is hard for them to see the need to work. In this article we will explore the benefits of teens having a job and the important life skills gained.
Death, divorce and traumatic events can create stress and anxiety. Learn techniques for coping, recovery and how to be gentle with yourself.
Being a peacemaker means actively making an effort to meet the needs of others, including making sure their voices are heard and opinions are respected.
We all have regrets, but stewing about them won't change anything. Instead, learning from our bad experiences will help us to prevent even more bad experiences and appreciate the good experiences as we learn and grow.
Simple and easy ways to teach your family to be more generous in and outside of the home.
Here are some useful tips to implement for vacations.
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