Top 10 housewarming gifts

My husband and I moved into our very first house a little over two years ago. Our red brick bungalow was built in the 1920s, and there is proof all over that it has been around a long time.

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  • My husband and I moved into our very first house a little over two years ago. Our red brick bungalow was built in the 1920s, and there is proof all over that it has been around a long time. We instantly began fixing things up and slowly, over time, the walls were glistening with fresh coats of paint, the carpet was brand new, and it was feeling more like a place I could raise my children and build fond memories.

  • In the meantime, however, our house was a disaster. Buckets of paint could be spotted randomly throughout the house, tarps were plastered on the floors to catch bits and pieces of old wallpaper, and boxes (with most of our things still inside!) were stacked high in every room. Sounds like an ideal way to live, right? Not so much.

  • Lucky for us, we moved into a very giving neighborhood. Our neighbors offered their services to help out in any way, others brought cookies, and some just dropped in to say, "hello." No matter where you live, when new neighbors move in, make the effort to introduce yourselves. Presenting your neighbors with one of the following ideas is sure to brighten their day and help them forget (if just for a moment) that they are currently living in chaos.

  • 1. A box of tulip or daffodil bulbs to plant in their yard!

  • This would be an especially great gift if given in the fall, which is the perfect time to plant bulbs. Plus, how fun for you (when you start to see those flowers blooming in the spring) to know that you contributed in the beautifying of their yard.

  • 2. A bucket of cleaning supplies

  • No matter how new the house, there is always cleaning to be done prior to moving in. What are some of your favorite cleaning supplies? Introduce your neighbors to them! Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a personal favorite. Packaging it up all fancy like this is the perfect touch.

  • 3. A gift card to a local home improvement store

  • I, honestly, can't remember how much we spent at our local home improvement store during those first few months, but it was a lot. (We are still spending a lot, and we've lived here for over two years!) This housewarming gift is sure to please.

  • 4. Pizza!

  • With boxes strewn about the house, the thought of cooking is a nightmare. Brighten their night by showing up with a box of hot pizza (or any meal!)

  • 5. Toilet paper and paper towels

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  • Sure, it may sound a little odd, but if you've gone through the moving experience, you know these things are precious commodities! If anything, it's sure to get a few laughs!

  • 6. Extension cords and light bulbs

  • You can never quite seem to have enough of these!

  • 7. Think locally

  • Is there something you love in town that you want to introduce to your new neighbors? You may also want to inform them about upcoming community events so they can get involved if they'd like.

  • 8. A plate of fresh, hot cookies

  • (or what ever is your dessert specialty.) Just make sure they'll be home!

  • 9. Picture hanging kit

  • A box of nails, some wire, a hammer, and a level.

  • 10. Your time

  • Our neighbors were best at giving this and oh, how we appreciated it! If you've got the time, offer your services. You never know how you might be able to help!

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