How to decorate a home on a budget

Like most newlyweds, I wanted our home to look lovely and put together. I wanted our decor to express our sense of style and create a peaceful, beautiful place for us to spend our time.

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  • Like most newlyweds, I wanted our home to look lovely and put together. I wanted our decor to express our sense of style and create a peaceful, beautiful place for us to spend our time. I didn't need our little home to look like a scene from a magazine, but I did want it to be visually appealing, with lots of personalizing details.

  • And, like many couples, our decorating had to be done on a budget.

  • It can be easy to spend a lot of money on home decorating — even something as simple as a picture frame or a decorative footstool can carry a hefty price tag, and even inexpensive items add up fast.

  • However, if you’re reluctant to spend 50 dollars outfitting your couch with new throw pillows, take heart. With a little creative thinking, you can have a beautiful home on a budget, and have fun putting it all together.

  • Make, don’t buy

  • It’s possible to cut down on costs by making something, rather than buying it.

  • Try a few simple home decorating projects, like making couch pillows (a perfect sewing project for a beginner) or using craft paint, scrap wood, and stencils or stickers to make your own trendy wall signs.

  • Instead of buying pricey artwork for your walls, use your own photographs or images that are in the public domain. Most photo printing labs offer enlargements costing only a few dollars per picture.

  • Websites, like Pinterest offer tons of inspiration for DIY home decorating projects, ranging from something as easy as sewing a throw pillow to building your own furniture.

  • Making decorations for your home not only saves money it allows you to show off your personal style, and you might learn some new skills along the way.

  • Keep an eye out for cast-offs

  • We've all heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure", and in home decorating, it can certainly be the truth. One of my own favorite display pieces is a lovely collection of glass bottles and vases that have come from all over; relatives who were de-junking, florist bouquets, even old vinegar and soda bottles.

  • Items like bottles and vases, old picture frames, and wall hangings or other art can be just what you need to add a little flair to your home. You might be surprised by what you find with a quick walk through a thrift store or a friend’s cast-off pile. Don’t forget to look around your own home, as well. Often, changing the function or location of a decoration can help give things a whole new look.

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  • Give it a new coat of paint

  • It’s always nice to redecorate once in a while. Something as simple as a gallon of paint can help breathe new life into your home without breaking the bank.

  • A new coat of paint is an easy way to spruce up an item that looks tired or no longer matches your color scheme. For a few dollars, you can re-paint just about anything from a picture frame to a chest of drawers for a fresh, new look. Try stepping outside of your comfort zone and use paint to bring a pop of color into an otherwise dull room.

  • Shop around for bargains

  • As with anything, decorating on a budget is much easier when you keep an eye out for sales and bargains. Many craft stores have regular sales, and many also have local flyers with coupons that can help you purchase supplies at a steep discount. If you have a project in mind, or are looking for something specific to use to decorate your home, wait a few weeks before making your purchase. Typically, your patience will be rewarded with a better deal!

  • Although it can take a little extra effort and ingenuity, decorating a home on a budget is both possible and fun. In the end, you’ll love knowing that your home is representative of your unique style!

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