Interesting conversation topics for boring married couples

Including personal interests, accomplishments, and memorable events in conversations add compatability between couples.

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  • There are silent times, times when there’s nothing to talk about. Silence is not a bad thing — it’s a time to ponder — to feel each other’s serenity, and there are times couples need to communicate verbally about life.

  • Interesting conversation topics for boring married couples:

    • Discussing highlights of the past bring fond memories of courtship days and strengthens love.

    • Discuss intriguing books and read them together.

    • Talking about past successes brings choice memories.

    • Humorous stories that take place on a day-to-day basis or in the past make fascinating topics.

    • Learning of positions each takes on political views can be stirring conversations.

    • Talk about plans after retirement.

    • Laugh about the most embarrassing moments in your life.

    • Talk about good times you’ve had with friends.

    • Plan outings with friends you both enjoy: Where to go – what to do. It’s the planning that’s fun.

    • Listen and talk about each other’s interests, hobbies, sports, other activities.

    • Listen to each other express exhilarating experiences.

    • Plan an exotic vacation.

    • Talk about out of-the-ordinary past vacations.

    • Build and talk about each other’s positive attributes.

    • Talk about ways to comfort one another during trials.

    • Compliment an accomplishment.

    • Recommend places to go on a date. What dates in the past have been the most memorable?

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