Finding cheaper hobbies or cheaper ways to enjoy your hobbies

Hobbies and sports are important parts of a balanced life, but some can get expensive in a real hurry.

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  • Hobbies and sports are important parts of a balanced life, but some can get expensive in a hurry. Here are some ideas on how to make an active life more affordable yet just as rewarding. For example, running is a less expensive than cycling. If you are interested in getting in shape, consider running or walking rather than cycling. Not only is the bike expensive, but the carriers for the bike on the car, the special shoes and clothes all add up to make cycling more expensive.

  • Golf on a cheaper course

  • Presuming you’ve already picked up golf as a sport, consider looking for cheaper courses to play or playing just nine holes rather than 18.

  • Make handicrafts pay for themselves

  • If you like crafting and want to make some money from your hobby — at least enough to pay for the hobby — be careful not to over invest. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a quilting machine, borrow one to see if you like using it and if you can sell what you made.

  • Restore it, then sell it

  • If you love to restore old things like cars or furniture, you should be able to get all of your money back — and then some — when you sell the things you restore. It may not be possible to earn a living with your hobby, but you can at least pay for all the resources required for it.

  • Try genealogy

  • You may be shocked to discover how little you know about your grandparents and may know nothing at all about your great grandparents. Tremendous amounts of information are available for free from FamilySearch. Not only is genealogy easy and cheap to start, it will give you and your family a greater sense of who you are.

  • Get it at the library

  • Get your books at the library rather than at the bookstore. You can even check out digital books at the library now!

  • People, even parents, all need a little time to play, to challenge themselves and to learn new things. Don’t be afraid to have a hobby — be afraid not to have one. If your budget is tight, try things that are virtually free, like genealogy, walking, and reading. A hobby doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyed; a hobby you can enjoy with your spouse and kids — at least some of the time — may be the best of all.

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