How to remember your anniversary and avoid sleeping on the couch

When life gets busy, it can be easy to forget all of those important dates. Here are a few pointers that will keep you off of the couch.

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  • Your wife likes to feel special. Recognizing certain milestones in your marriage can get you some serious bonus points. She may have specific dates that have special meaning to her and she wants you to remember them. Ask her what is important to her and make plans to acknowledge those special occasions.

  • There are some women out there that might not mind if you have forgotten a special date. According to a Men’s Health poll, 75 percent of women don’t let Valentine’s Day slip their mind. This suggests that there are 25 percent of women out there that might just let you get away with forgetting. If you do remember a special day that your wife has forgotten, you will look amazing as you wow and impress her with your thoughtfulness.

  • Some dates your wife might like you to remember can include:

    • Your first date

    • Your first kiss

    • Your engagement

    • Her own and her family members’ birthdays

    • Wedding anniversary

    • Holidays

  • Here are a few pointers that will keep you off of the couch because you forgot an important anniversary:

  • Keep a journal

  • Each time something memorable happens between you and your spouse, write it down. This can be anything outside the mundane routines of life. These experiences will be a treasure for your wife down the road. For example, as you read to her your thoughts and feelings about your first kiss several years down the road she will be awestruck with how amazing and romantic you are. This is a good way to help you remember dates, too. Keeping a journal will help you reach back into the past and bring back a beautiful memory or experience for you to enjoy any time you would like.

  • Utilize technology

  • Once a month on our “Monthiversary,” I write my wife a special love note. If it was not for the use of technology, it is likely that I would have missed a month here and there over the years. The use of alarms, reminders or apps on your smart phone will keep you looking like you are on top of things when it comes to remembering those special dates. Figure out what works for you and use technology to your advantage.

  • Use a calendar

  • If you are not as tech savvy as you would like to be, there is another way for you to look like a stud when it comes to remembering special dates. Have a small calendar that you keep in a private place and can access when you need to have a reminder of the next special date on the horizon. This will help you keep track of the important dates and show your spouse that you won’t forget such memorable events in your relationship.

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  • Just going through the motions of life and not really noticing how fast the days and months flow by is an easy trap to fall in. When life gets a little rough, it can be easy to forget all of the good times. As we take a few moments during the special times to write them down, we can remind our love about all of the good times in our relationship. This will make for a beautiful reminder during life’s challenges. Remember the times that you laugh together, the times you have had the most fun and the times when you have felt the closest to your love. Refreshing these moments in our lives will help bind you and your spouse together and keep you smiling through the challenging times.

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