Say what? Tips for preserving fun memories

Do your kids have you laughing? Do you text grandma the fabulous things they say? Will you remember them in 10 years? Here are some ideas to help you preserve your little ones' great moments.

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  • Kids can say the darndest things. How many times do you find yourself running to your phone to text grandma the great thing your daughter just said? Or relating your son's latest quote to a friend?

  • Here are some of the funny things my kids have said over the years:

  • "Hey, Grandma, I want a nickname. This week, you can call me Gordon." Haley, age 6.

  • "I know I'm good, I just can't help it!" Mark, age 7.

  • "Mom, why can't other people hear the music in my head?" Haley, age 6.

  • Now, in 10 years, will I remember what they said? Probably not, but I want to remember these moments forever. I decided to scour my friends, and the Internet, for some ideas on how to do this.

  • Here are some great ways to preserve your precocious little one's quotes.

  • For the Techie

  • Blogs

  • If you have a blog, why not add a widget to the sidebar of quotes your children say. You can add as many quotes as you want. If it gets too long, print it out and start anew.

  • Word

  • Yes, just a word program. Start a file for each child, and write down what she says with the date and any special circumstances involved.

  • There's an app for that

  • Believe it or not, there is! If you have an apple device, an app called "Posterity" will be your "go to." You can preserve what each child says in her "quote book" and even add pictures. When Junior makes you roll on the floor laughing you can also use the app to send the quote to grandma or his favorite auntie.

  • Movies

  • When your child says something great, why not record it with your phone or camera? The hard part to this one is remembering to download your movies and save them some place safe, backed up on a disk or external hard drive. It hurts to lose all those memories in a technology fail.

  • The Crafter

  • Journals

  • If you are one to use a pen before an app, this one's for you. Purchase a small journal for each child, and use the second half of the journal for your child's funny moments. You can use the beginning for your child to write in, we have family journal time on Monday during our family night. Each child will write something about his week in his journal that night. Keep the journals, then when children get older, what a great gift for little Jonny when he has his first child!

  • Family books or jars

  • We have a jar in our kitchen. When little Maddy does, or says, something we want to remember we write it down, along with the date and a picture if possible, and put it into a jar. At the end of the year, I preserve the slips of paper in a journal or scrapbook for the kids to look at during the next year.

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  • Everyone else

  • I fall into this category. Sometimes, I have great aspirations, and may even act on them, but ultimately I fall short.

  • File folder

  • . Good old-fashioned file. Keep one for each child, and slip a piece of paper with the great moment into the file.

  • Laugh about it

  • Enjoy the moment, sometimes we get so caught up in the preserving of the moment we forget to enjoy it.

  • While you come up with the perfect way to record your little ones' great moments, enjoy this video with Bill Cosby. And remember, your little ones will be big someday. Never forget what they were like when they were little.

  • How do you preserve your kids' great moments?

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