3 ways to stop being negative

You cannot be happy and positive if you are too busy being negative. To combat negativity, surround yourself with positive people, make a conscious effort to notice the positive and learn to change your thinking.

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  • Falling into the trap of negativity can be very dangerous for you and your family. Pessimism can spread like a plague and reverse the positive feelings of your loved ones. Positive thinking is the direct opposite of negative thinking. Therefore, you cannot be happy and positive if you are too busy being negative. Here are three ways that will help you stop being negative, surround yourself with positive people, make a conscious effort to notice the positive things and learn to change your thinking.

  • 1. Surround yourself with positive people

  • A negative person is like an infectious disease. They only notice that the world is full of problems, that the glass is almost empty, that life is full of sorrow and that we are all going to die. Though all of that may be true, having an individual that does nothing but remind you of the impending doom that is about to befall you is exhausting. To these people, nothing can be done right. They are constantly critical and will take a lot out of you if you have to associate with them for long periods of time. Avoid these people as much as possible. Look for the people that acknowledge the difficulties of life and use them as opportunities for growth. Surround yourself with individuals that will inspire and motivate you.

  • 2. Magnify the positive

  • Constantly picking out the negative things in life is a habit. Bad habits are meant to be broken. You cannot be positive or happy if you are too consumed with negativity. Some people seem to wear invisible glasses that always magnify the negative. In order to combat this habit, make a rule for yourself. Each time you say or think of something negative, write down five positive things. As you continue this habit, you will eventually replace those negative lenses with positive ones.

  • 3. Start a new trail

  • Thinking differently sounds easier than it is. Changing your thinking will require a great deal of work. In his book, As a Man Thinketh, James Allen explains “Let a man radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life.”

  • Your thought patterns have been blazing trails in your mind for a long time. The more you think negatively, the easier it is to continue to think that way. Luckily, the same is true for thinking positively. If you are used to going down the negative trail in your mind, you are going to have to slowly start down the path of positive thinking. As you begin to cut this new trail in your mind, you will find it easier to think positively. In order to effectively cut the trail, you must go down the path. Let the weeds grow on your negativity trail.

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  • As you learn to combat negative feelings and emotions, you will find that life will have a new glow. Your optimism will spread through your family. As you surround yourself with positive people, magnify the positive and change your thinking you will find greater peace and happiness in your life.

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