How to stay calm amid life's storms

When we stay calm and collected, we can battle adversity with a clear head and come off conqueror. Here are four ways you can stay calm during life’s storms.

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  • Nobody said life would be easy. It will knock us down, and just when we stand back up, it will knock us down again. Adversity is a part of life. It is something we must overcome. Everyone will face a multitude of challenges and obstacles. But how we react to those challenges will determine the type of people we become and how our lives turn out.

  • A dear friend of mine has faced much adversity in the past decade. Financial struggles, family health problems, job loss, and death have been just a few challenges she has overcome. Even though she has seen more than I can fathom, she is one of the strongest women I know. She lives life with the motto: “If God led me to it, he will help me through it.”

  • However, staying calm and happy during life’s storms is a challenge, itself. It is easy to become depressed, discouraged and overwhelmed. Yet, when we stay calm and collected, we can battle adversity with a clear head and come off conqueror. Here are four ways you can stay calm during life’s storms.

  • 1. Look upward

  • You never have to battle adversity alone. There is always someone nearby to guide you through it and help you win. God is your constant companion, but you must be willing to ask for help. He knows how to help you overcome your challenges. Continually pray, study the scriptures and attend worship services. If you do, you will receive strength you never knew was possible.

  • 2. Take care of yourself mentally and physically

  • Challenges can put us in a state of depression. It can cause us to lose motivation for daily tasks such as taking care of ourselves. Even when our spirits are low, we must take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and perform activities to engage your mind such as reading, playing games or putting together puzzles. When your body feels good, you have more energy to tackle the challenges that come your way. Exercise and a healthy diet can also help you battle stress, increase your happiness and turn away pessimistic thoughts.

  • 3. Serve

  • When you put your focus on other individuals, it is easier to forget about your own challenges. Each day, find someone to serve. Find someone who needs your assistance. It can be a large service project or something small such as calling an old friend or delivering a plate of cookies to a neighbor. You don’t have to go out of your way to do something kind for a friend.

  • 4. Look for the hidden lesson

  • In every obstacle and challenge, there is a lesson to learn. Even though it can be hard to find this lesson. If you look, it is there. As you battle each challenge, immediately try to find the lesson. This will give you motivation and the strength to overcome the difficulty, and it will help you see there is a reason for the adversity in your life.

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  • Even though, at times, it may seem like we can’t go on, we can stay calm and win the battle. We can overcome and be a better person for the battle we are fighting.

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