15 things you do if you’re married to a pregnant woman (that you’d NEVER do otherwise)

Some of the things can get a little weird ... but you do them anyways.

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  • You didn't really know what you were getting yourself into when you found out you and your wife were having a baby. But now that you're in the thick of it, you've realized nothing about your life is the same.

  • Here are 15 things you're doing now that your wife has a bun in the oven.

  • 1. Hide your pain

  • 2. Comfort your wife over refrigerator magnets

  • 3. Lie to your wife

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  • 4. Creating weird life hacks

  • 5. Become more creative than ever

  • 6. Lotion her legs and buckle her sandles

  • 7. Pick everything up from the ground

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  • 8. Go to great lengths to make her comfy

  • 9. Argue about cheese

  • 10. Ask for sympathy

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  • 11. Eat a questionable diet

  • 12. Drive to four gas stations to support her needs

  • 13. Cope with the fact that she loves food more than you

  • 14. Talk to your wife's belly

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  • 15. Love her more than you can imagine

  • My sympathy cravings are really catching up to me... #pregnantwifelife

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