7 types of physical affection that indicate the man you're with will never leave you

Interested to know what signs mean your man is here to stay? These seven types of physical affection indicate your man will never leave you.

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  • There are some simple gestures and touches that only someone who truly loves you would do. If your man does any of these, it usually means he's here to stay:

  • 1. Holds your hand

  • It sounds simple enough, but a man who is not afraid to hold your hand in public is a keeper. This intimate touch can reassure you of your feelings for each other. You're not going to hold hands if you're feeling mad, insecure, guilty or upset. It's a great indication that you have a connection much deeper than just friends.

  • 2. Hugs you

  • A hug can be a simple quick squeeze or a longer full-body embrace. If your man goes for the latter, then it means his feelings are pure. A hug can be very intimate, and romantic, and it can mean much more than it appears on the outside.

  • 3. Lets you cry on his shoulder

  • If he is comfortable enough to let you cry on his shoulder, then he is sticking around. A lot of men have a hard time when women get emotional. They have a hard enough time with their own emotions, let alone someone else's.

  • If you are at a place in your relationship where you can share these types of breakdowns, then you obviously trust him. If he is comforting you and trying to help you feel better, he truly cares about you. That means he's there for the long haul!

  • 4. Holds your hair back

  • Any man who is willing to be there for you when you're sick isn't going anywhere any time soon! If he is comfortable enough to hold your hair back, bring you a whatever you need and help you get over your illness, then he really is committed. Don't let him go.

  • 5. Cuddles you

  • Guys are not known for wanting to cuddle. It's not usually something they are super comfortable with. If your man lets you curl up in his arms while you watch a movie or snuggles next to you in front of the fireplace, then he is there to stay.

  • 6. Rubs your back

  • You're not going to see your friend giving you a back rub or caressing your back just because. That is a sign of someone who has romantic feelings for you. It is a kind, sweet, enduring gesture that is more intimate than it appears from the outside.

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  • 7. Gives you a foot massage

  • Friends and family give each other foot rubs all the time, but if your man is willing to spend the time to give you a really good foot massage, then he is sticking around. Unless he is a professional massage therapist, he is not going to massage your feet because he's feeling nice. It is because he loves you and wants you to be happy.

  • These physical signs of affection can be simple and subtle, but they are all much more intimate then they seem. It's these kind gestures that tell you that your man really loves you and doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!

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Megan Shauri graduated with a bachelors in anthropology and a masters in psychology. She is a mother of twins.

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