These are the top baby names in each state

Did your favorite name make the list?

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  • The Social Security Administration recently released the top baby names for every state according to social security card applications. Did your favorite name top the list?

  • Take a look at the top baby girl names

  • Clearly, the nation is loving "Emma," "Olivia" and "Ava." Florida squeaked in the only "Isabella." Montana, North Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia mixed things up with "Harper." And New Hampshire kept things fresh with the only "Charlotte."

  • And now check out the top baby boy names

  • For boys, the country loved "William," "Liam" (a variation of William) and "Oliver" (the masculine version of Olivia). There were a lot of nods to biblical names such as "Noah," "Elijah" and "Benjamin." The only states with unique top baby names were Minnesota with "Henry," Montana with "James," and West Virginia with "Mason."

  • What do you think? Are these your top baby names? Is it time we mix things up? Let us know in the comments below!

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