Mom shows the horrifying risks of keeping your phone charger around kids after her 19-month-old puts one in her mouth

Don't let this happen to your child.

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  • We all know that babies love to put things in their mouths. They're in a stage of life where they're curious about everything, and tend to stick everything in their mouth just to know what it's like.

  • This can be super dangerous, and you already know how important it is to keep small objects out of your child's reach so they don't choke. But one mom recently learned that a common object can cause terrifying damange to your sweet one if left lying around.

  • She put a phone charger in her mouth

  • Courtney Davis was going about her normal, busy day when she forgot to unplug her charger. The phone charger just happened to be in her 19-month-old daughter's reach.

  • And Gabby, being a curious baby, decided to put the charger in her mouth.

  • Davis noticed her baby's mouth blistering up, and when she took Gabby to the doctor, he confirmed that she had an electrical burn. Because the burn was on a place that can easily be touched with the tongue, the doctor couldn't put anything on it to make it better. They just had to wait for it to heal.

  • The heartbreaking photos show the horrible electric burn on the little girl's mouth. It looks painful, however Davis noted in her Facebook post that Gabby doesn't act like the burn bothers her.

  • This mother's warning

  • Davis is sending a warning to parents everywhere to keep their phone chargers out of their child's reach. This particular charger was a store-bought charger belonging to a SAMSUNG Note 5, but it could happen with any type of charger.

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  • Davis writes, "Parents, grandparents, babysitters etc please put your chargers up out of reach. My daughter was lucky [but] the next kid may not be as lucky as her."

  • She's on her way to healing

  • Little Gabby is doing better now, and she has visited the doctor since her initial visit. Because of the severity of the burn, the doctor referred them to a plastic surgeon to fix the damage done to her mouth.

  • Everyone makes mistakes, and this mom was having a busy day and didn't move her charger out of her daughter's reach. It happens. But please, remember to do everything you can to keep your chargers (and other potentially dangerous objects) away from your children to avoid a catastrophe like this.

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