How to recognize the difference between your weaknesses and your strengths

Everyone has areas in their life where they are stronger and areas in their life where they are weaker. The problem is that we tend to focus on all weaknesses more than strengths because they are pointed out to you.

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  • Each of us is unique and have areas in our life that come easy to us but may be more difficult for someone else — and vice versa. Therefore, we should learn to accept those weaknesses along with our strengths. Different behavior patterns affect who we are and how we work together as a family. By understanding our different personalities we can work together to accomplish goals instead of building competition based on strengths and weaknesses.

  • Know family members' personality types

  • There are many tests out there, like Myers-Briggs or Personal Perofile System, that can help us better understand the personalities of our family members and what motivates their actions. Whether a person is good at cooperating or likes to control things, understanding the personality types in our family will help us understand the different strengths and weaknesses each family member brings to the table.

  • By understanding all the different behavior patterns you can adapt to communicate your vision to the person you are talking to. When working on a project together it is important to assign to each individual what they enjoy doing. When someone does something he enjoys, he will finish the task in a timely fashion, as opposed to procrastinating.

  • When you work together as a group, ask someone what they would enjoy doing, rather than just assigning them a project. Parents often know their own children's personalities. By assigning a chore to each child based on what he or she enjoys doing, as opposed to what they don't enjoy doing, you teach your child to appreciate his own strengths and to learn more about himself and how he fits into the world.

  • Let strengths and weaknesses compliment, not conflict

  • Conflict within the family often occurs when one or more behavior patterns conflict with each other. This is where it is important to understand how to communicate effectively because you want to support each other. In a relationship, as a couple often gets to know each other, they learn each other's strengths and weaknesses. They learn to support each other's career choices and help each other make the right decisions.

  • Different behavior patterns can complement each other and work together to the betterment of the family. For instance, Bill Clinton was very verbal and charismatic, while Hillary Clinton has a very dominant behavior pattern and was influential in helping him reach his goals in his career. Without each other, he may never have been president and she may not have had the opportunity to become Secretary of State. This is why their marriage has sustained over the years in all its ups and downs.

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  • By building and learning about each other in the relationship — whether it be your siblings, your spouse or your children — then you can learn to help each other achieve goals based on strengths. Don't constantly bring up weaknesses. Each of us is unique and fits into the world we live. As a parent, you should encourage your children to do what they enjoy doing, whether it be writing, becoming a business owner or even digging ditches.

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Davida graduated from Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah, GA. and is CEO of Career Performance Institute, a career & personal development company. As a "Disabled American" she has many limitations to overcome based on society's attitudes.

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