If you were stung by something and you don’t know what it was, we can tell you how to identify the most common bites (5 of them can be extremely dangerous)

When you know what stung you or your children, you’ll be able to act faster and avoid a fatal outcome.

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  • Bug bites often cause pain, but the actual bug leaves before the pain starts so the bites are hard to identify. In many cases, not knowing this information can complicate things, and sometimes cause serious problems.

  • Here are some bug bites you should be aware of and their symptoms:

  • Dangerous bites

  • 1. Bed bugs

  • The problem with these insects is that they only come out at night while we sleep. When they bite, they let out a substance that numbs the affected area, making us feel the pain long after the bug goes away and we can't find it.

  • Bed bugs hide in mattresses, bedding, dark places and damp places. When they bite, they bite three or four times in one area on your skin. They leave red bumps where they bite and they cause a lot of itching.

  • 2. Spiders

  • Two of the most dangerous spider bites come from Black Widows and the Brown Recluse. They also like to hide in dark, damp places, and these bites can be deadly if they're not treated quickly.

  • To identify a spider bite, look at the affected area. If you see two red dots known as "schematic points," get help immediately— especially if you live in an area where poisonous spiders are common.

  • 3. Ticks

  • If tick bites get infected, they can be extremely dangerous. They can get into the nervous system and can lead to paralysis if left untreated.

  • If you've been outside for a long time in a place where ticks are common, it's important to check everywhere to make sure there aren't any ticks hidden on your skin. They can even get on your scalp, so you really do have to check everywhere.

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  • 4. Scorpions

  • You can identify a scorpion sting by a red dot with red surrounding the area. Another sign is very intense pain. In these cases, it's important to know what type of scorpion stung you if you saw it, how old the affected person is and how much poison was injected.

  • 5. Bees or wasps

  • Wasp and bee stings can be extremely painful for some people, but their stings can be deadly to people who are allergic to them.

  • The sting has a red dot, and the surrounding skin becomes inflamed and discolored. If you don't know whether a person is allergic to bees or wasps, it's important to watch them closely. If the person is experiencing more symptoms than pain, they should seek medical attention.

  • Less dangerous bites

  • 6. Ants

  • Red ant bites are usually quite painful and annoying, especially as the area becomes infected and inflamed. They usually look like a zit or blister with a surrounding red area.

  • Although the bite is painful, the pain usually passes quickly.

  • 7. Fleas

  • You can tell you've been bitten by fleas because of the itch it causes. Just like bed bugs, these also occur in groups. Fleas can infect animals and humans.

  • Even though these bites are annoying, they're luckily harmless.

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