Ever been slapped in the face by your kid? Watch how this gorilla brilliantly disciplines his naughty child

Note to self: be like this gorilla.

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  • OK, so there's this papa silverback gorilla just chilling in his enclosure at the San Diego Zoo. All of a sudden, one of his rambunctious kids chucks some dirt right at his face. What would you do?

  • Based on what I know about gorillas (ahem, Planet of the Apes, Tarzan, King Kong, George of the Jungle), I'd probably expect dad to pummel a good old-fashioned lesson into the little guy. But, surprisingly, he doesn't.

  • Instead, he patiently gives the kid a searing look that could easily be interpreted as saying, "You know what you did was wrong. Don't make the mistake of doing it again."

  • Then he lets the little ape go back to wrestling around with his sibling.

  • So, next time your kids are driving you up the wall in public, remember this responsible papa gorilla and the parental patience he just taught you.

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