I bought $27.54 worth of stuff for ONLY $4.46 at Target

I even MADE MONEY on one of the things I bought.

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  • My first experience with extreme couponing was thrilling. You get to go into the store, get a ton of stuff and pay pretty much nothing. Maybe it's just me, but that equals fun.

  • You should know, I was kind of apprehensive that checking out would be all awkward but it wasn't! So don't fear. Here's what you should know:

  • I did download a few apps for this and you should too. They are so easy and I'm kicking myself for not having them in my life sooner.

  • The Cartwheel app is Target's coupon app. You just click on all the things you're buying and it generates one barcode for you, so the cashier only has to scan one thing to get all those discounts!

  • The Ibotta and Checkout51 apps are also super simple to use. Again, you just click on all the things you want a discount on. Then, after you buy them, take a picture of your receipt and they just give you money back for all the things! (Also, you get $10 for your first time using Ibotta. Just a free $10. #winning)

  • So here you go. Simply follow my lead to legally stealing stuff from Target. (Disclaimer: We don't at all condone stealing at FamilyShare. However, you are basically going to feel like you are stealing because you're not really giving them money, but you are getting a TON OF STUFF.)

  • Here's my haul:

  • Oh's Cereal

  • Cartwheel app: 25% off Post Cereal (expires Sept. 2)

  • Ibotta app: $0.75 back on Honey Oh's Cereal (There are other Post varieties available too)

  • Original cost: $1.97

  • Total cost: $0.72

  • La Bella hair products

  • Cartwheel app: 15% off La Bella Hair Care (expires Sept. 2)

  • Manufacture Coupon: $1.50 off La Bella Hair Care (get it here)

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  • Original cost: $1.82

  • Total cost: $0.04

  • Banana

  • Ibotta app: $0.25 back

  • Original cost: $0.25

  • Total cost: $0.04

  • Arnicare Pain Reliever

  • Cartwheel app: 30% off (expires Sept. 26)

  • Manufacture coupon: $3.00 off (get it here)

  • Ibotta app: $3.00 back

  • Original cost: $8.99

  • Total cost: $0.29

  • Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Manufacture Coupon: $0.50 off (get it here)

  • Ibotta app: $1.00 back

  • Original cost: $2.99

  • Total cost: $1.49

  • Flatout Flatbread

  • Cartwheel app: 40% off (expires Sept. 9)

  • Manufacture Coupon: $1.00 off (get it here)

  • Original cost: $3.49

  • Total cost: $1.09

  • Bic Soleil glow razors

  • Manufacture Coupon: $3.00 off (get it here)

  • Checkout 51 app: $3.00 back

  • Original cost: $5.99

  • Total cost: $0 (I actually earned $0.01!)

  • Thank you cards

  • Clearance: 70% off

  • Original cost: $1.00

  • Total: $0.30

  • Elmer's 2-pack glue sticks

  • Original: $0.52

  • Total: $0.50

  • 24-count Crayola crayons

  • Target back-to-school sale

  • Original: $1.37

  • Total: $0.50

  • So the grand total cost of all this stuff was $27.54

  • And the grand total I paid after the coupons and rebates and stuff was $4.46

  • Here's me being super happy that I got 10 great things for only $4.46. (As you can see, the lady behind me is not quite so happy.)

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