2017's coolest backpacks of the year (and where to get a good deal on them)

You might want to buy one for yourself too ...

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  • If you want to set your kid up for a fantastic school year, hook him up with one of these awesome backpacks. They are so cool you might want one for yourself.

  • Lego Backpack

  • The connectors are little pockets!

  • Get it here.

  • JanSport SuperBreak Backpack

  • This is Amazon's best selling backpack, probably because it's classic, sturdy and functional.

  • Get it here (Find any color or pattern on Amazon).

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  • Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

  • Kids are pretty obsessed with this pack right now.

  • Get it here.

  • Shark Backpack

  • Nuh, nuh. Nuh, nuh.

  • Get it here.

  • High Sierra Loop Backpack

  • Another one of Amazon's bestsellers for a good reason: all its loops and straps makes it a really functional pack.

  • Get it here.

  • Turtle Shell Backpack

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  • Because who doesn't want to be a turtle?

  • Get it here.

  • Herschel Backpack

  • Herschel brand backpacks are very popular this year.

  • Get it here.

  • Vintage Kenox

  • This is a cheaper (but still stylish) version of a popular Herschel style.

  • Get it here.

  • Hotsyle Backpack

  • And another cheaper version of the Herschel style backpack.

  • Get it here.

  • Underarmor Boys' Storm Scrimmage Backpack

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  • Another top selling backpack.

  • Get it here

  • Hawlander Backpack

  • A classic backpack with a fashion zipper. (It's a good price and a bunch of colors).

  • Get it here.

  • Rocket Racoon Backpack

  • Your son can roll up to school with a racoon friend on his back.

  • Get it here.

  • Captain America Backpack

  • So your daughter can look like a superhero too.

  • Get it here.

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  • Unicorn backpack

  • And ... just because it's cute.

  • Get it here.

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