14 things your husband wants (but won't admit)

Would you give him these things?

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  • We think these products are great (and we think you will too). Just so you know, this post contains affiliate links, and if you make a purchase, we may get a cut of the sale (with no cost to you).

  • If you have a one-of-a-kind husband, you've got to get him a one-of-a-kind gift. Here are some ideas that are pretty weird (but they're also kind of great).

  • 1. Bacon Toothpaste

  • Yum! Bacon-y fresh.

  • Buy it $9.99

  • 2. Venus Flytrap

  • A houseplant that earns his keep.

  • Buy it for $21.95

  • 3. Drink Carbonater

  • Make any beverage into soda.

  • Buy it $13.99

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  • 4. Glow in the dark toilet paper

  • No need to turn on the bathroom light at night.

  • Buy it for $12.96

  • 5. Morbid T-shirt

  • Who doesn't love this book?

  • Buy it for $21.95

  • 6. Portable Pizza Pouch

  • This way his snack is always handy.

  • Buy it $8.50

  • 7. LightSaber chopsticks

  • The best way to eat.

  • Buy them for $17.17

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  • 8. USB fridge

  • Now your man can can keep a cold soda at his desk.

  • Buy it for $17.31

  • 9. Motion activated toilet night light

  • No need to fumble for the light switch while trying to not wake you.

  • Buy it for $8.49

  • 10. Cleaning service

  • Your hubby knows how to work hard but feels weird about wanting someone else to do his chores. Do him a favor and hire a cleaning service.

  • Price depends on the size of your home.

  • 11. Virtual reality exercise bike

  • Why bike in reality (especially when it's hot or snowy) when you can bike in virtual reality?

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  • Get it for $399.99

  • 12. Potty Putter

  • Multi-tasking at its finest.

  • Get it for $11.99

  • 13. Customizable Lego Mug

  • Now, he can play with your food.

  • Get it for $13.99

  • 14. Bubble Wrap Suit

  • It doesn't get more fun than bubble wrap clothing.

  • Get it for $13.72

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