Top 20 hilarious Family Feud answers

Yes, these are ACTUAL answers people gave while competing on Family Feud.

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  • People can shout out some weird stuff when they're under the pressure of answering a question right on live TV. While these hilarious Family Feud contestants didn't get the top answer on the board, they probably got the top number of views on YouTube.

  • Here are our top 20 favorite moments from Family Feud throughout the years:

  • 1. They probably need those prayers

  • 2. I can't decide if this is the worst or best answer I've ever heard

  • 3. But what are the chances?

  • 4. We all wish Steve Harvey was our daddy

  • 5. Just... what was going through your head there, Snoop Dog?

  • 6. That would be incredibly ironic and hard to pull off

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  • 7. I bet his wife wasn't too happy with that answer

  • 8. Game show tip: make sure the person before hasn't already said it

  • 9. That Taco Bell dog always gave me nightmares...

  • 10. I think they gave us a little too much insight into their own family lives

  • 11. Lions and tigers and seagulls, oh my!

  • 12. The new sixth sense scientists have been searching for

  • 13. When you've got food on the brain

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  • 14. Oh, honey

  • 15. Not all of us can be phone experts

  • 16. Dog...? Cat...? Cow...?

  • 17. Literally a 3-year-old could answer this

  • 18. But what do you wear, then?

  • 19. This made me physically cringe

  • 20. The next time you eat a pickle, you'll start cracking up for no apparent reason

  • You can also watch these poor souls giving their ridiculous answers (and Steve Harvey's hilarious reactions) below:

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