Woman sneaks into the hospital holding something that looks like a baby, but what's really inside helps heal her sick grandma

Would you go to these lengths for a loved one?

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  • When a loved one is in the hospital, we want to do whatever we can to help them feel better.

  • One girl, Shelby Hennick, wanted to do just that, but she had to get creative to carry out her plan.

  • After experiencing a severe allergic reaction to her medication, Shelby's grandmother had to be hospitalized to receive treatments and recover, according to Little Things. Knowing the one thing that would bring her grandmother cheer, Shelby decided to take a risk.

  • Many hospitals don't allow pets, but Shelby sought to bring her grandmother's dog, Patsy, in for a surprise visit. To make this work, she came up with a clever disguise - use a blanket to make it appear that Shelby was carrying a baby, not a dog.

  • Her smuggling was a success and Patsy was able to make Shelby's grandmother very happy.

  • While this story has a sweet ending, perhaps smuggling pets into a hospital is not the best idea. Other patients could be affected because of their own allergies or for any other health concerns.

  • If a beloved pet is what your loved one really needs to feel better, perhaps you can seek special permission from the doctor or nurses first, bring in a picture of the pet or maybe even setting up a special Skype or FaceTime between the furry friend and the patient would be a more appropriate solution.

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  • What else can you do to make a loved one feel better or cheer them up?

    • Make an in-person visit at the hospital.

    • Bring in family pictures or an album to look through during your visit.

    • Find their favorite movies or books and help make them accessible.

    • Bring in a device they can use for music, social media, entertainment and phone calls or texting.

    • Grab a card game or board game to play with your loved one.

    • Pack up a favorite treat before your visit.

    • Sit with them while snuggled up in a favorite blanket.

    • Offer to give a manicure or pedicure (with or without polish) - double-check with the doctor first!

  • Whether the hospital stay is long-term or short-term, a hospital room can be a pretty dull place. Seeing visitors and having personal belongings around can help ease the discomfort, so be sure to visit and ask if it's OK to bring in a favorite blanket or pictures. Along with the doctors and hospital staff, pay attention to your loved one's special needs and desires so you know how best to help.

  • Have you ever snuck something to a loved one in the hospital?

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