23 hilariously embarrassing things women did while pregnant

Soon-to-be mommas take to the internet with their hysterical pregnancy brain stories. Share yours in the comments!

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  • It's a common stereotype that pregnant women are a bit more clumsy or forgetful than their bump-less counterparts. It's called pregnancy brain, and it's a real thing. If you don't believe us, check out this article. It's a difficult condition to understand, but one that produces a whole lot of face-palming for those affected by it.

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  • Take a look at some of the hilarious stuff that pregnancy brain may or may not have caused to happen to these soon-to-be mommas.

  • 1. Sharks and tunnels and mirrors, oh my!

  • 2. Husbands should be able to read minds, right?

  • 3. An innocent mistake

  • 4. Always check the fridge

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  • 5. When shopping is life

  • 6. Pregnancy brain strikes again

  • 7. She probably just wanted to be early

  • 8. This one is particularly painful

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  • 9. I hope your coworker is trustworthy

  • 10. But did you set the timer correctly?

  • 11. You've got to be kidding me

  • 12. Just "eggcellent"

  • 13. Yikes ... to a future mother-in-law

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  • 14. Well, this is terrifying

  • 15. Three times. ... Three. Times

  • 16. That's a diaper he'll never forget

  • 17. Face-palm

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  • 18. Read the whole thing

  • 19. This is almost unbelievably hilarious

  • 20. Well, yeah, that's where the plastic wrap goes

  • 21. I can't even. How does that happen?!

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  • 22. Poor cat

  • 23. And last, but not least

  • There you have it! Pregnancy brain is a beautiful thing. Share your pregnancy brain stories with us in the comments section!

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