Young boy ends up in the emergency room after playing with this popular toy - his dad is pleading with other parents not to make the same mistake

Your child probably has one or two of these toys.

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  • Every few years, it seems there's a new fad going around that kids just can't get enough of. It's all about the latest and greatest toy, and your kids beg you to buy the "it" toy their friends already have. A while ago, it was slime. Nowadays, it's fidget spinners.

  • How popular is this toy?

  • The toy was originally invented with the idea of promoting peace and giving kids an outlet for pent-up energy. The inventor, Catherine Hettinger, said she later realized the little toy was a great way to provide relief for anyone with anxiety or attention deficit disorders.

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  • The fidget spinner, which was originally rejected by Hasbro, has taken off in the past several months, becoming wildly popular. In Utah, Slice Intelligence estimates there are four spinners sold per 100 people - the most of any state. Vermont, Texas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Missouri have similar statistics.

  • The trouble fidget spinners bring

  • While very popular with the kids, many parents and teachers will argue fidget spinners are more of a nuisance and distraction than anything else.

  • Now, one parent in particular is arguing they're more than just a nuisance - they are potentially dangerous.

  • John Harris, a father of one of these fidget spinner kids, witnessed another nasty side effect of the little toy. His young son was playing with his fidget spinner and making it spin faster with an air compressor when it exploded and hit him in his face.

  • "We were lucky it missed his eyes," Harris said in his Facebook post. "It could have been much worse.

  • Harris took his son to the emergency room, where the boy received 30 stitches.

  • "He was swollen up pretty good," he said in his post.

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  • Other parents share the dangers

  • Harris shared these photos on June 13, and it has since been shared over 245,000 times.

  • The father definitely isn't alone in this fidget spinner accident. Several parents are also sharing the harm fidget spinners have inflicted on their children.

  • In a report by USA Today, Texan mother Kelly Rose Joniec shared (via Facebook) the dangers of these spinners. The mother was driving her young daughter back from a swim meet when she heard panicked choking noises coming from her little girl.

  • "Looking back in the mirror, I saw her face turning red and drool pouring from her mouth," Joniec said. "She could utter noises but looked panicked so I immediately pulled over."

  • Joniec's daughter had popped out one of the easily removed bearings out of the spinner and swallowed it - after surgery, she ended up being OK, but the mother was understandably spooked.

  • Other parents have needed to rush their child to the hospital for fidget-spinner-caused-stitches, while others have needed to schedule an impromptu haircut after the toy got tangled up in a child's hair.

  • Fidget spinner fail!

    Posted by Jessie Shipley on Monday, June 5, 2017
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  • While every toy can potentially be dangerous to children (especially if they aren't used according the manufacturer's directions) the best way to avoid serious injury is to supervise your children at all times - especially when they're playing with something that could be easily swallowed or potentially harmful.

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