13 quotes about marriage you need to hear

The secret ingredient to having a marriage full of bliss!

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  • There seems to be a recipe for a successful marriage. Sometimes that recipe is hard and you have to dig deep to find the right 'ingredients'. These quotes will prove that you can have a fairy tale love affair with these simple guidelines.

  • Best friends make the best loves

  • Marriage won't die from natural causes

  • Lack of friendship makes for a sad and lonely marriage

  • There is some perfection in marriage

  • Make easy choices that say 'I love you'

  • It takes more than chance to have a happy marriage

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  • Be partners and be forgivers

  • Passionate friends

  • Marriage has to be a first priority

  • Keep the fire

  • Show your kids they'll want to get married

  • A spouse is partner not an enemy

  • Encourage each other

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