18 love quotes to celebrate the love you share with your sweetheart

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love."

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  • With so many crazy emotions that come along with falling in love, the right words to describe it are hard to find. While there are plenty of non-verbal ways to tell your sweetheart you love them, finding a quote that perfectly sums up your feelings is another great way to express your love.

  • Love quotes are cheesy, but they are also real and personal. Celebrate the love you share with your darling with these 17 heartwarming quotes:

  • 1. The best investment

  • 2. Because of you

  • 3. Your choice

  • 4. Magic

  • 5. An adventure

  • 6. When I am with you

  • 7. You're in love

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  • 8. As soon as possible

  • 9. The Beatles got it wrong

  • 10. In her smile

  • 11. When you see her

  • 12. Thinking of you

  • 13. Best thing to hold

  • 14. That is love

  • 15. Everything on earth

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  • 16. You are the world

  • 17. Before he saw anything else

  • 18. Because you matter to him and vice versa

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