Groom runs away in the middle of his wedding dinner; when the bride realizes what’s going on she can’t believe it

She couldn't have guessed what happened next.

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  • Cody Campbell and Kelly Yocca were getting married in September 2015, in the midst of celebrating, Campbell's mom started yelling in the middle of his dad's best man speech.

  • There was an emergency

  • Campbell's mom and all the guests were seized with panic when they realized one of their guests was choking on a piece of steak. Campbell got up, bolted over to the woman to administer the Heimlich maneuver.

  • It was nothing out of the ordinary for Campbell

  • Campbell is a firefighter, so he knew exactly what to do when this emergency struck. Minutes before this almost-tragedy occurred, a wedding guest was giving a speech and said, "If I'm ever in a position where I need a fireman to help me, I hope it's you or someone like you."

  • Thanks to Campbell's quick action, he rescued the woman and became a hero. He told Inside Edition, "She actually ended up finishing the steak, believe it or not. I saw her on the dance floor and she said, 'you saved my life.'"

  • A happy ending

  • The wedding festivities resumed, and everything was back to normal for the rest of the night. Campbell's quick thinking and heroic actions saved his wedding day from tragedy.

  • How you can save a life

  • Unfortunately, choking is a common occurrence, especially in elderly people like the woman at the wedding. The Heimlich maneuver is a skill everyone should know, because it can be the pivot point between life and death.

  • What to do when someone's choking

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  • Kelly Yocca was thrilled to see her new husband doing what he does best: saving lives. She said in an interview with ABC, "Some people in the back who really couldn't see this far ahead thought it might have been staged [because they reacted so calmly]." She also said, "Saving someone's life right in front of me on my wedding day and right in front of his dad is something we'll have forever, it's so special."

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