She sells the cradle of her stillborn baby; but when the buyers return it, this mother can't believe what she finds

To alleviate the pain of her loss, she decided to sell the crib. But she never expected what would happen next.

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  • The video broadcast by the Fox network was seen more than 3 million times. The reason is no mystery: it tells the emotional story of a mother who lost her baby and decided to sell the crib. But the good deed of the person who bought it alleviated the mom's grief.

  • A poignant story

  • Valerie Watts is a young woman from Cokato, Minnesota who saw her hopes of enjoying motherhood vanish after giving birth to her stillborn baby.

  • As this young mother said told Fox News , she felt that something was wrong a week before her due date because of the lack of movement coming from her belly. By the time labor began, the umbilical cord was compressed into the uterus which proved fatal for baby Noah. He was born dead.

  • Painful reminders

  • Like most moms, Watts had everything ready for her baby's arrival. After coming home empty handed, seeing his little things gave her a lot of pain and reminded her that she did not have her baby in her arms. So, Watts decided to have a garage sale. The crib was one of the most significant things she had bought in preparation for bringing her baby home. However, the grieving mother decided to sell it when a couple seemed interested in buying it.

  • According to the report, Watts thought that getting rid of the crib would at least relieve her mourning a little, so she sold it to the interested couple.

  • Watts said, "His wife was looking through ... some of the baby clothes and asked how old my son was since I don't use the crib anymore" to which Watts replied that her baby was stillborn.

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  • When the couple was on their way home with the crib in the car, the woman told her husband about the death of Watts' baby, and craftsman Gerald Kumpula decided to help the grieving mother.

  • Transforming a bad memory into a memorial

  • The hands of this craftsman went to work to give a great surprise to this grieving mother. When he reached his workshop, Kumpula set to work and turned the crib into a beautiful armchair.

  • A week later, Kumpula knocked on Watts' door and handed her the small armchair he had made, in memory of her lost baby. Watts broke into tears and said "It's amazing, and there's good people out there. There's proof."

  • Helping those who need comfort

  • Nothing in the world will make Watts forget the tremendous pain that only comes from losing a child. However, actions like those undertaken by this carpenter help many people who are experiencing a period of pain.

  • In this life, we should go above and beyond for others.

  • This man could have sold that chair after taking the time to beautifully craft it. However, he chose to do a selfless act of good and bring joy to that family that had had a great loss.

  • Now, Watts will have a heartwarming memory to remember in the midst of a dark time. And who knows, maybe that little seat will shelter stories and laughter for a future child.

  • _This article has been adapted and translated from the original "Ella vende la cuna de su bebé que nació muerto. Pero se la devuelven y no puede creer lo que encuentra" which was originally published on

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