8 text messages a married woman should never send

Be careful! It's a very easy line to cross.

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  • It's likely that before you married, you were warned that your life would change in many ways. From your personal routine, your way of eating, how you manage your money, your daily activities and your responsibilities, just to name a few.

  • However, now that you are a married woman, you've come to realize that there are even more changes that happen because you've said "I do." While it may be hard to adjust your single life to fit into married life, there are some things that must stop, for the sake of your marriage.

  • Let's look at text messages, for example. There are types of text messages you should now avoid sending. While your freedom of expression shouldn't changed when married, there are certain texts you must refrain from sending.

  • Here are eight messages that married women should never send:

  • 1. Messages about your marriage problems

  • The problems you have with your husband are yours and his only. Don't let other people interfere with your relationship, especially via text messages. In addition to being unhealthy for your marriage, you run the risk that your comments about your marriage are seen by others -when you talk over text, you can't control who else sees the message.

  • 2. Messages talking about your family's finances

  • We live in an age where we have to be wary of what personal information other people know about. To help keep your identity and your spouse's identity safe, avoid commenting on how stable or unstable the financial situation is in your home. Do not give information on your income or you partner's. Plus, discussions about finances should kept between a couple, not all of your friends.

  • 3. Messages where you talk about your spouse poorly

  • Your husband might do things that you dislike. However, it's not right that you disclose them to people in the first place, much less by text message. I'm sure you'd never want him to do the same, and he deserves the same respect as you.

  • 4. Messages talking badly about your in-laws

  • You may not have the best relationship with your husband's family, but there's no need to talk about this over text. If there is a problem you feel you need to address about the in-laws, the best thing to do is approach the situation in person and talk directly to them about it. Don't have this conversation via text message - your text could be read the wrong way and your message might be seen by others. These sensitive conversations should be done in person.

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  • 5. Messages exposing the personal life of your husband

  • Just as you would not want your husband to message his friends about your personal life, you shouldn't do the same to him. Whether your spouse is going through emotional problems, lost their job or made a mistake, you should consider whether he'd be embarrassed if you shared this part of his personal life over a text message.

  • 6. Messages talking about the personal life of your children

  • In case you have children, I also recommend that you don't expose their lives through your cell phone. As a parent, it's hard not to overshare about your children, but it's vital you respect their privacy.

  • 7. Messages that can come off as flirtatious

  • As a married couple, you owe complete fidelity to your spouse. Therefore, do not send messages that can be misinterpreted by other people as flirtatious. It will only cause problems within your marriage if you ignore this rule.

  • 8. Messages about your past relationships

  • While you shouldn't be ashamed of your personal history, your previous relationships should remain in the past. Chatting about them through text message could be harmful to your current marriage. Could you imagine how your husband would feel if he read messages about how much you still think about your last boyfriend? Or that you still text your last boyfriend? Don't make the mistake of talking to (or talking about) past loves in person or via text.

  • When you married, you assumed one of the greatest responsibilities of your life: to love, respect and protect your marriage. Don't throw away those promises with a silly text message.

  • _This article has been adapted and translated from the original "9 mensajes de texto que una mujer casada NUNCA debe enviarle a otro hombre" which was originally published on familias.com.

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