After the clutter: What to do with your unwanted belongings

Instead of hauling your unwanted belongings off to the dump, here are several options to get rid of your junk while helping individuals in need.

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  • It is a wonderful feeling after de-cluttering your home. You have newfound space and your home seems much more organized. However, now you have a pile of junk sitting in your home that you must get rid of. Instead of hauling it off to the dump, there are several options that can help you get rid of your junk while helping individuals in need.

  • Sept. 4 is Another Look Unlimited Day. This day is designed to take another look at all of the items you no longer need and find alternate ways of getting rid of them. Here are several suggestions for what to do with your unwanted belongings.

  • Donate

  • Donating is an excellent way to get rid of your unwanted items and give to someone less fortunate. You can drop off your unwanted items at a second-hand store or find a variety of charities that accept donations of specific items. For example, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence will accept cell phone donations. They also accept laptops, mp3 players and digital cameras.

  • Additionally, if you have wedding clothing that you no longer need such as dresses, veils, slips and more, you can donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer. This organization helps future brides, affected by cancer, find the perfect wedding dress without the expensive cost.

  • You can also donate old athletic shoes to Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program. Nike grinds the donated shoes down to create a material called Nike Grind. This material is used to make sport surfaces such as turf fields, tracks and more.

  • If you have other items you wish to donate, there are dozens of programs online that are in need of donations. By spending a little time and effort, you may find a program that is looking for the items you no longer need.

  • Hold a garage sale

  • If you have several items that you need to get rid of, hold a garage sale. With this option, you can make a little money off of the items you no longer need and have a fun time meeting new people.

  • Give to a friend in need

  • There are individuals all around in need. They may not have the money to buy their children toys or clothes or they may be struggling to find furniture for their home. If you have items you think a neighbor or a friend could use, ask them. It will make you feel much better knowing that your old items are going to someone in need instead of the nearby landfill.

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  • Recycle

  • Take a good look through your unwanted belongings and get your creative juices going. Can you recycle any of your old junk and turn it into something new and fun? You could always repurpose an old dresser into a TV stand or turn old T-shirts into a fun quilt. You can spray paint old Mason Jars and turn them into vases or an old cookie sheet into a magnet board. The opportunities are endless. You just need a little creativity, a few craft supplies and a free afternoon and your old junk can become wonderful new treasures.

  • Don’t just throw away your old junk. Be creative. Put forth a little effort and help those in need. It will make you feel much better knowing your items are going for something good, rather than just tossing them in a nearby garbage can.

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