17 Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who has everything

If you’re stumped on what to get your dad this Father's Day, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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  • If it seems like your dad has almost everything, it can be difficult to find the perfect Father's Day gift. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • No matter what you decide to get your dad, he'll love it because it's from you. And just knowing you were thinking of him is the greatest gift of all.

  • 1. Mini zen garden

  • To buy: $9.89 on Amazon

  • 2. Retro candy

  • From the 70's:

  • To buy: $16.99 on Amazon

  • From the 80's:

  • To buy: $10.19 on Amazon

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  • 3. The ultimate pen: it's a bubble leveler, a pen, a ruler, a screwdriver and a stylus, all in one__

  • To buy: $10.99 on Amazon

  • 4. The anything finder

  • To buy: $24.20 on Amazon

  • 5. A convenient place to store his small things

  • To buy: $29.46 on Amazon

  • 6. "Best Dad" mug

  • A classic gift:

  • To buy: $13.99 on Amazon

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  • If your dad is a Star Wars fan:

  • To buy: $12.77 on Amazon

  • 7. Cufflink and tie clip set

  • To buy: $12.99 to $18.99 on Amazon

  • 8. The meat-lover's recipe book

  • To buy: $19.75 on Amazon

  • 9. Memory book (for first-time fathers)

  • To buy: $16.99 on Amazon

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  • 10. Dinner and a movie with his special someone

  • To buy: $50.00 on Amazon

  • 11. Something cozy

  • Slippers:

  • To buy: $19.99 on Amazon

  • Throw blanket:

  • To buy: $14.99 on Amazon

  • 12. Personal coupon book from the kiddos

  • To buy: $7.95 on Amazon

  • 13. Barbeque multitool

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  • To buy: $19.99 on Amazon

  • 14. Engraved hammer with a sweet message

  • To buy: $32.99 on Amazon

  • 15. A comfy seat pad for his office

  • To buy: $21.99 on Amazon

  • 16. Subscription to the Dollar Shave Club

  • To buy: $25 and up on Amazon

  • 17. Desktop golf

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  • To buy: $20.13 on Amazon

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