Panicked bride can’t understand why their first dance came to a screeching halt; she screams when she discovers the real reason

What would you do if this happened to you?

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  • Weddings are a joyous occasion where family and friends of the bride and groom gather to celebrate the couple's union. Besides the nuptials, wedding cake, flowers and other wedding reception traditions, many couples have a special song where they dance to together for the first time since becoming husband and wife.

  • Some of these dances include some (very) elaborate choreography or other entertaining and memorable performances. Others are sweet and simple.

  • But for bride Melissa Baker, her wedding dance came to an upbrupt halt - ending in the most unexpected way.

  • The wedding DJ introduced the couple's first dance song - a favorite hit by a well-known country singer. He continued, mentioning how the couple has "chosen a special song for this dance because it is from one of their most favorite artists. And that, of course, is Mark Wills."

  • But the oddly specific introduction isn't what surprised the bride. The dance began like any other dance ... until the music stopped, the vinyl screeching. The DJ apologized and said they have someone to play keyboard, so they will just have to play "Like There's No Yesterday" live.

  • While Melissa is disappointed her first dance isn't going as planned, she takes it pretty well, smiling through the snafu.

  • Her husband Brad carefully keeps Melissa facing away from the stage as the music starts up again, this time live. But slowly, he turns her toward the stage just as a man starts singing. Melissa screams when she realizes Mark Wills is there singing for her at their wedding.

  • This video shows just how happy this surprise makes both the bride and the groom:

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  • As if weddings weren't already full of lots of happy emotions, Melissa cries happily at this sweet surprise she'll always remember.

  • Though this surprise was awesome, the thoughtfulness of Melissa's husband is even more so.

  • Marriage is about taking care of each other, doing things for one another that you know your spouse will love. Marriage requires thinking more about your spouse than yourself. It takes sacrifice, love, compromise, communication and commitment. Even though Melissa and Brad are newlyweds, Brad has already proved to his blushing bride that he's willing to do just that.

  • Did you have a special song and dance at your wedding? How do you and your spouse care for each other today? What things might you do to improve your marriage, starting now? Comment below with your response!

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