13 signs he loves you (even though he doesn't say it)

If he doesn't say, 'I love you,' he's telling you with these 13 signs.

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  • Even if your love language isn't "words of affirmation," you need to hear those three little words every now and then. While teaching your partner how you best feel love is crucial to a relationship, it can take time to learn and develop it. So while you and your partner are perfecting how you communicate love, keep your eyes open for a few of these gestures of love that show he loves you lots and lots (even if he's not saying it out loud):

  • 1. He smiles after he kisses you

  • When he pulls back from a kiss and just smiles, he's saying that kiss meant something special to him.

  • 2. He calls for no reason

  • If he calls for no other reason than to talk to you, he loves you lots.

  • 3. He helps your parents set up their Wi-Fi

  • When he goes out of his way to help people you love, it's one way he shows he loves you too.

  • 4. He remembers you don't like 2% milk

  • By remembering your preferences, he's saying that if a small thing is important to you, it's important to him.

  • 5. He keeps his promises

  • You know you can trust him because when he says he'll do something, he does.

  • 6. He buys you feminine products

  • For a lot of men, buying feminine hygiene products is something they wouldn't want to be caught dead doing. So, if your man is kind enough to buy tampons for you, it's one way he's letting you know he loves you.

  • 7. He holds your hair when you're throwing up

  • If helping someone keep barf out of their hair isn't a gesture of love, I don't know what is.

  • 8. He tells you his secrets

  • Many men show that they love someone by sharing the pieces of themselves they don't want anyone else to see. When he's vulnerable with you, he's telling you that he loves you without telling you explictly.

  • 9. He tells you he's thinking about you

  • When he sends you a text in the middle of the day to let you know he's thinking about you, he's really telling you he loves you.

  • 10. He squeezes your hand

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  • Giving your hand a little squeeze is a small way he's saying, "I love you."

  • 11. He searches the house with a bat

  • Not only does he put effort into making sure you're safe, he puts effort into making sure you feel safe. So if that means he has to leave the warm bed to search the house for the source of that creepy noise you heard, he'll do it.

  • 12. He makes plans

  • When he looks at the future, he sees you in it.

  • 13. He does things you like (but he doesn't)

  • Maybe he doesn't like hitting up the sushi bar every time you go out, but occasionally he'll make the effort to find something on the menu he can handle so you get what you want.

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