Is he not responding to you? You’re probably doing one of these 4 things (according to science)

Most women are doing this without realizing it.

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  • When a man isn't responding to your messages it can be more than a little heart-breaking. But getting him to message you back may be as simple as upping your emoji game.

  • Clover, a dating app, recently analyzed the messages of over 3 million users to discover which emojis are most likely to elicit responses from men and which emojis... don't.

  • Emojis men are more likely to respond to

  • And here are the emojis that men are less likely to respond to

  • So, if you want a guy to respond to your messages, send one of those flirty emojis his way, and steer clear of those others. (I mean, did you really think sending him the diamond rind emoji was the best way to get him to text you back?)

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