4 characteristics of a woman that make a man fall in love

It’s not just the beauty and sensuality of a woman that make a man fall in love. There are other attractive qualities that men notice in women, and four of them usually make a man fall in love.

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  • A person's appearance isn't everything in a relationship. Having a balance between physical attributes and character is ideal. A man usually falls in love because of the characteristics of a woman.

  • There is no foolproof guide to make a man fall in love with you, but these four characteristics are likely to make a man fall in love:

  • 1. Femininity

  • Most men love feminine women; women who are beautiful because they show off that they are a woman in a classy and flirty way. A feminine woman likes being a woman. Men like the contrast that women bring to a relationship. Everything that is exclusively feminine usually attracts and seduces men.

  • 2. Beauty

  • This doesn't mean physical beauty, especially since that kind of beauty may not last. It is the beauty of your feelings, attitudes, gestures and character that make a man fall in love with you. Men observe the way a woman treats herself, other people, children and animals. A man notices her gentleness, intelligence and consideration for others. It is this kind of beauty that makes a man fall in love. Fondness, intelligence and sensitivity are among the most charming feminine characteristics for men.

  • 3. Simplicity

  • Men generally don't fall in love with complicated or high-maintenance women. The complicated ones never say what they want. They act like a sphinx that the man has to decipher to know what she wants. The high-maintenance women appears to dislike everything. She doesn't want to get dirty, go on an adventure or mess up her outfit. She doesn't act like a true partner because she is so needy.

  • All a man wants is a simple woman with no complicated hairstyles, excessive makeup, confusing or over the top needs. No one really wants a life-long partner like this.

  • 4. Self-confidence

  • The woman can be charmingly feminine and yet be strong and self-confident. The woman does not have to be a beauty or have a perfect body, because what attracts still seems to be her attitude and confidence. You can be a happy and confident woman even without your Prince Charming. Develop your own plans and life goals.

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  • Men don't only care about your physical looks, they also pay attention to your unique and attractive characteristics. So before cultivating a perfect body, try to be healthy, feminine, simple and confident. By being the best you, you will become irresistible to many men.

  • This article has been translated and adapted from the original, "4 atitudes de uma mulher que fazem um homem se apaixonar." It was originally published on familia.com.br.

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