Does your house have a terrible Tooth Fairy? You're not alone

When a child loses a tooth, it summons the magical Tooth Fairy to take the tooth and leave behind some treasure ... in theory.

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  • There's this magical thing that happens when you lose a tooth. A fairy comes from who-knows-where, takes your tooth and leaves money in its place. It's a childhood mystery that makes children eager to lose teeth. Who doesn't want a pocketful of money?

  • Well, unless you're an adult - then you're the Tooth Fairy. And you realize the only magic involved is if you actually remember to make the proper exchange, let alone doing it without disturbing sleeping children. And you have to remember to go to the bank to have physical money to place under the pillow (credit and debit cards have ruined us!).

  • If the Tooth Fairy struggles at your house to get the job done and get it done right, well, at least you're not alone.

  • 1. When you scare the Tooth Fairy away

  • Loooong story but I'll make good on it tonight! #toothfairyfail

    A post shared by gsbedrin (@gsbedrin) on

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  • 2. Almost like throwing money down the drain

  • Tooth fairy apology. #toothfairyfail #worstmomever

    A post shared by Sara Brown (@stemsbrown) on

  • 3. One job, Tooth Fairy

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  • 4. When you get caught

  • Note from my daughter. Too cute she caught me!! ♡♡ #toothfairyfail #mydiva #mommasgirl #mybbf

    A post shared by action_figure_mom (@action_figure_mom) on

  • 5. So, if you fire the Tooth Fairy, then what?

  • someone's tooth fairy is slacking! #moo #toothfairy #twoteethinthreedays #perfectlyimperfectlife #lovethisgirly

    A post shared by Wendy Jackson (@wendybendy) on

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  • 6. When your Tooth Fairy ninja skills fail you

  • This definitely happened today....flashlight?! Really?! #hesfired #toothfairyfail

    A post shared by alex james (@allylou63) on

  • 7. Who swallows a tooth? OK. My kid swallowed hers. Twice

  • Self explanatory really... #toothfairyfail #kidsarefunny #hamish

    A post shared by Rachel Woodley (@rachelsews) on

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  • 8. When your kid is ready for the transaction to happen

  • 9. When patience runs thin

  • She gave the tooth fairy a good three-day window, but has clearly had enough. #toothfairyfail

    A post shared by Sheryl Olson (@sheryl.olson) on

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  • 10. Yes, please explain this one

  • #toothfairyfail #cadertater

    A post shared by Lisa Groon (@lisagroon) on

  • 11. Unless you can take a card, you gotta wait

  • When the Tooth Fairy runs out of cash on hand....#toothfairy #molar #toothfairyfail

    A post shared by Darla J (@djenx03) on

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  • 12. The moment you remember you were supposed to summon the Tooth Fairy but didn't

  • 13. Where did I go wrong?

  • #toothfairyfail #momfail #youngestkid #mostrealistickid #laurajrosenberg

    A post shared by Laura Rosenberg (@laurajrosenberg) on

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  • 14. When the mystery is all gone and they still want money. Lots of money

  • #toothfairyFAIL

    A post shared by Judeadams (@jude_adamss) on

  • If the Tooth Fairy forgetting wasn't bad enough, apparently there are some fairies who give out way more than other fairies. Can't we all agree on the same trading price per tooth?

  • Good luck remembering the next time, or coming up with a believable excuse. Whichever.

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