This baby can’t stop crying after his mother leaves the room; how his dad gets him to stop crying is brilliant

The bond between a mother and child is strong, but sometimes dads can outwit it.

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  • Leaving the little ones for work or errands is hard on a mother but is devastating to those left behind. Did you know your baby can recognize your scent within days after birth? A baby's nose knows his mom, and that's why they might get distraught when they don't smell her near.

  • This 3-month-old was beside himself when his mom left to run an errand. Flailing legs and wailing screams racked the child's body as he anticipated her return.

  • When she didn't come to the rescue, the crying continued...until dad used this genius trick.

  • Dad slowly caressed one his wife's dirty shirts against his baby's cheek. Nuzzling closer, the scent of his mother instantly turned his screams to whimpers. Then, his mouth split into a smile with wide and tear-free eyes as he recognized his mom's smell.

  • The bond between a mother and a child is an unbreakable connection, and helps a mother comfort and calm her little ones. Thank goodness for loving fathers who do their best to help out (even when all they want is mom).

  • Your heart will melt when you check out the video for yourself

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