14 things men will never understand about women

Yes, I know the closet is full of clothes, but you don't understand—I still have nothing to wear.

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  • One of Oscar Wilde's famous quotes is, "Women were meant to be loved, not understood." Mr. Wilde isn't the first man to be confused by women, because that quote still rings true.

  • Here are 14 things guys will never understand about women:

    1. The importance of hairbands-on your wrist, in your purse and all over your car.

    2. Your relationship with your mom. The tie between a mother and daughter is completely unique to men.

    3. Why girl time is vital. Spending time and having fun with your girl friends will always boggle the minds of men.

    1. Frienemies, because men tend to have simpler relationships.

    2. How quickly your bobby pins disappear. Approximately 1.73 billion bobby pins disappear every year, yet you still can't find any.

    3. Why you choose high heels. Stilettos are anything but simple to walk in, but if you're up to the challenge, they will make you feel queen-like.

    4. Why you take bathroom breaks together. Some say it's for safety, but usually it's prime time to refresh hair and makeup.

    5. How they pack so much into a small purse. Mary Poppins isn't the only one with a black hole in her bag - women are notorious for stuffing their purses full of random items.

    6. Eyelash curlers. Your husband may laugh when you use this device, but it's the only way your lashes will cooperate.

    7. Why you claim you have nothing to wear. Your closet is full, but that doesn't mean you have the perfect outfit for every occasion.

    1. The obsession with shoes. So many shoes, so little time.

    2. Why you constantly ask if you look fat. You can blame it on the unrealistic beauty standards the media sets. (Hint: the answer should always be "No").

    3. Periods. The idea of "that time of the month" is a terrifying and mysterious concept.

    4. Why women love chocolate. Most everyone loves chocolate, but you never see men eating an entire box by themselves.

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  • Perhaps men will never truly understand the women in their lives, but just like Oscar Wilde said, you love them anyway.

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